Real Dealers Real Money at 18ClubSG Live Casino

Online live casinos are currently a thing in the Singapore. There’s no need for you to get out of the bed, saving money on petrol, and you can stop whenever you want to with just a click of a button. 18ClubSG is one of the top Singapore online casino that is highly reviewed by gamblers in the region.

Perhaps the best attraction to online live casino is the real dealers. You will not be interacting with artificial intelligence(AI)-dealer in online live casinos. A real human will be the dealer which is recorded live using the best technology. The reason why real dealers is more preferred than AI-dealers is because there is real living human who is dealing the cards. Since AI-dealers are all created using line of codes, this dealer might deal cards that will not provide a good chance to players to win the game. There are also dealers who prefer live dealers just because they can make a genuine conversation with him or her. However, do not assume that online casinos using AI-dealers are all bad. Online casino games are always audited before being published to gives transparency and ensure a fair chance of winning to the players.

Enjoy 4 Different Experience of Gambling Thrill at 18CLUBSG

In 18ClubSG, there are currently 4 different game providers for online live casinos which are Allbet3, EvolutionGaming, MaxBet and HO Gaming. Different online casino game provider have different appeal to the players - maybe the dealers at MaxBet is more attractive than Allbet3 or the EvolutionGaming dealer is friendlier and provide great conversation. Since they are all real humans, they have different personalities, unlike computer-generated dealers. If you would like to play on mobile phones, then you can play with the real dealers at Allbet3 and MaxBet. If you want to play on Internet browsers, then you can play on EvolutionGaming or HO Gaming platform.

18ClubSG hosts only the best online live casino on their platform, making it appealing to Singaporean gamblers’ community. If you feel that you have what it takes to get extra money playing poker, baccarat or blackjack, then 18ClubSG is the website to go!